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The TV Series from 1954
00:00 - Introduction
00:54 - Definiteness of Purpose
10:11 - The Master Mind Principle
19:56 - Going the Extra Mile
29:33 - Applied Faith
40:16 - Pleasing Personality
50:16 - Self-Discipline
59:46 - Positive Mental Attitude
1:08:14 - Enthusiasm
1:18:20 - Personal Initiative
1:28:59 - Learning from Adversity
1:41:43 - Creative Imagination
1:51:29 - Accurate Thinking
2:01:20 - Cosmic Habit Force

How to improve your life using 13 rules for success as presented by Napoleon Hill in 1954.
Discover how these lessons and principles from his best-selling book THINK and GROW RICH (1937) and the LAW OF SUCCESS booklets (1925) can help you achieve whatever your mind can conceive.

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Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, is one of the founders of motivational, self-help, and inspirational life coaching.

Introduction by Brian Dehler

The principles that Napoleon Hill will share with you in these 13 lessons may change your life as it did mine. I encourage you to listen to several lessons at first, just to get a feel for Napoleon Hill's language and delivery. Then return to the beginning, prepared to take notes - starting and stopping the program as needed. Be patient. For me, I spent several months reflecting on just the first principle alone. I applied it to my life and paid close attention to how it influenced my daily decisions and actions. Then I moved onto the second principle, and so on.

Before you begin, I want to call your attention to Hill's first principle, Definiteness of Purpose.

Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point of all achievement and, for many students, it is the most challenging principle to apply. In Chapter One, Napoleon Hill will instruct you to apply this principle by completing the three following tasks:

1. "Write down what you most desire in life - what is it that you want?"

2. "Write down what you are willing to give in return for that desire."

3. Memorize and repeat your answers. Repeat them as statements, with regularity, and with an expression of gratitude.

This Definiteness of Purpose principle is often misinterpreted as only relating to that first question - "What do I want?" It is necessary that you understand that the application of Hill's Definiteness of Purpose Principle is the combination of all three of Hill's instructions. The first two questions, "What do I want?" and "What will I give?" are equally important if you intend to put this principle into action.

If you cannot immediately provide answers to these questions, then I encourage you to begin by reflecting on Hill’s second question: "What are you going to give?" This question is about your passion and your contribution to life. It is about expressing your unique gifts and talents that aim to serve others in a positive way. To help you answer that question, consider the following.

What are the things that you like to do that provide you with a feeling of fulfillment and happiness? What are the things that other people see and recognize in you? If you had unlimited access to time and money, what would you do with your life that would benefit and contribute to others? You should consider that every living thing in this world is here to contribute and express something of unique value.

As humans, we have the potential to use our minds to live a life of our own choosing and to labor towards whatever ends we desire. For you, that may be in the form of creating, supporting, writing, constructing, inventing, teaching, or perhaps leading and inspiring others. When you decide how you will serve life in a way that is fulfilling and makes you feel happy, then you have found your PURPOSE, and you will be ready to receive what comes in return.

Therefore, once you have answered the question of what you are willing to give, then it is time to answer what it is that you are willing to receive in return. What do you want from life? What do you most desire that will define your definition of success? When you have answered this question, then you have set for yourself a GOAL. From this point forward, you are living a successful life when you make regular progress toward that GOAL and act on PURPOSE and with passion. The 13 lessons that Napoleon Hill includes in this video will guide you on that path, by providing you with direction and instruction for your great journey toward success.

And remember, that whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
Through cosmic habit force, the law of attraction takes hold and thoughts become things.

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