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During the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2020 Buffalo Chip is has the most entertainment of any of the major campgrounds. However it is worth checking out some of the other campgrounds such as Pappy Hoel, Glencoe, The iron horse, and Ride and Rest. Some of the other places in The Black Hills to check out are: The town of Custer, Deadwood , Spearfish, Hot Springs, and Rapid City. You can see Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore National Monuments. There are lots of establishments to come in park your bike and listen to live music while you check out all of the custom rides. Loud American, The Knuckle and One Eyed Jacks are the most popular places downtown. The stunt bike riders are a lot of fun to watch doing wheelies and burnouts all while narrowly missing each other as they zoom by. Buffalo chip has a swimming hole in the middle of the campground complete with a slip and slide, rope swing, tanning deck, bar, main stage and contests for people to enter. It is just a short walk to the main arena where there are vendors, stores, live music and more.

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